1. I receive the verification code a little bit late on the login page.

Normally it is delivered within 1-minute, but sometimes it may take more than 1-minute due to server response times. No worries, You have 7-minutes to enter your verification code on the login page.

  1. I do not receive any e-mail from GoGoDriving.
  1. I cannot use right-click or CTRL-C or X.

You are not allowed to use the right-click or CTRL function to copy or cut from the page based on copyright policy. Please do not insist on that, and if you need documents to study use the links and resources provided during the course.

  1. I have problems when loading the course page or content.

Loading a webpage or surfing on it takes a time that depends on the device hardware configuration and internet connection speed. Checking the  internet connection and using a better device will solve the problem. It is strongly recommended to use a laptop or a desktop to study online BDE regarding better reading and watching capabilities.

  1. I click on the icon to change the voice of speech but it doesn't change the speech.

To change the voice of speech, click on the icon, it will be changed when you pass to the next page. It will be affected by the page change. 

  1. I need more support, what should I do?
  1. How can I watch the videos in full-screen?

Go to the previous slide, click on the full-screen button at the bottom right, and keep watching in full-screen mode.